Inverter Mitsubishi Electric cooling and heating systems are dramatically more efficient than traditional HVAC systems. Utilizing INVERTER-driven compressors, our systems automatically adjust to changing conditions to deliver ideal comfort while only using the energy that is needed. No more. No less.

As a result, our systems are up to 40% more efficient than standard window units for cooling and our heating performance is far superior to traditional heat pumps. All this technological innovation means you reduce your energy consumption and can save money on your energy costs while enjoying the comfort of your home.

Why pay to cool/heat your home all year long when you only live in a few rooms at a time?

With Mitsubishi Electric, you can actively condition the rooms you live in; the other rooms simply turn off or setback. Zoning your home to how you live using Mitsubishi Electric allows you to save energy while maximizing your personal comfort.



Each system is designed to fit your life! - Experience ultimate comfort in the rooms you use most!

  • Save energy with sophisticated but simple zone control.
  • Enjoy your home; our smart systems adapt to your needs.

Aone ControlExperience ultimate comfort in the rooms you use most. Life is constantly changing. These changes can affect how you use your home. Maybe your kids move out, or you decide to work from home. Maybe you decide you need a movie room, a playroom, a sunroom, or an addition over the garage.

Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating systems can help you enjoy the ultimate comfort no matter what changes you encounter.

Individualized zone comfort control for your home!

Do you live mostly in two or three rooms in your house? Now you can save energy by turning down the thermostat and using zone control to keep the spaces you use the most at your ideal temperature.

  • Have you decided to work from home?
  • Converting the space over your garage into a comfortable office is now possible.
  • Do you have a new hobby?
  • Achieving the perfect temperature in the attic you turned into an art studio is finally doable.

Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating systems give you the ability to adapt your home to fit your ever-changing needs, transforming from one up to eight rooms at a time into living spaces offering the ultimate in comfort and energy efficiency.